The Safest Community Listing Protocol on Binance Smart Chain

SafeDefi  is a community Base Listing platform that will bridge the gap between project developer and their community. It is a platform that will differentiate between the good and the bad project in the DeFI ecosystem. Many of the community have suffered alot of losses amidst Crypto scam and unregulated ICO, SafeDefi platform will fill the gap of the unsafe world of DeFI ecosystem. We will kyc/kyd every project developer that will got listed on and share with the community. #StaySafe #SafeDeFi

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The Problem With Token Economies

Lack of Trust

Blockchain is inherently secure, but the system is only as strong as its weakest link. Token unlocks and distributions are still often done in a centralized way, and some token economies are in the hands of the team, who often control the treasury.


Most users can’t read smart contracts... How do we know that tokens are being distributed fairly and as the issuer explains? Inflation & token unlocks need to be more understandable for everyone.


Interacting with tokens is difficult and high risk. Code is complex. SafeDeFi ecosystem simplifies accessibility and is highly customizable for even non technical users.

Lack of Adequate Skill Sets

In addition to software and hardware, you must also find qualified personnel to manage blockchain technology. As you know, blockchain technology is relatively new and is still evolving. At the moment, few people have the skills to support such technology.

Public Perception

Another one of the huge challenges to adopting blockchain technology is the lack of knowledgebase. In reality, the majority of the public is still not aware of the existence and potential use of this technology. If we want blockchain to be successful, it has to earn acceptance. Even though the technology is making history, still it’s not enough to attract more consumers. 

The Criminal Connection

Criminals now use these cryptocurrencies to purchase limited illegal equipment and payment methods. They also ask for cryptocurrencies in exchange as a ransom. The only way to cope up with this is to stop the criminal connection and for all for better blockchain implementation. 


Finding a Solution

Enterprise Focused Integrations

SafeDeFi will on-board Enterprise partners to integrate with our products and services.

Career Startups

SafeDefi platform will offer assistance to teams through multiple avenues, including a Human Resources section. The Human Resources section will provide teams access to a list of candidates that have  been reviewed by This resource helps ensure projects have the ability to hire individuals with the skills necessary for a successful project. This benefits both the project and individuals in the space that wish to become involved in projects and receive compensation for their work.

Outsource Tasks

Members of the SafeDefi platform will also be allowed to help any projects hosted, as the project will have the ability to outsource to our members any tasks that they need help with completing.

Concise & Customisable

SafeDeFi places the user front and center. We aim to build seamless, omni-channel digital platform with User Experience at its core.

SafeDefi Protocol

The SafeDefi platform uses decentralized services which offer users unique crowd sourcing opportunities such as jobs and tasks to be completed to reach milestones, smart contracts, crowd sales, community support, and much more. Our platform will act as support, allowing people to participate in a user friendly environment, not only participating in new projects, but also being able to earn $SDF with their talents within the platform.

Start Your Own Project

Start your own, or fund a thoroughly transparent, crowdsourced project on SafeDefi platform, backed by a selection of multiple well established Blockchain Protocols and Angel Investors


SafeDeFi products remove the weak link - the human component - and instead focus on governance to control the DeFi systems and whitelist & highlight the safest project

IEO Projects

Aside from crowdfunding jobs, SAFEDEFI primary focus is to make IEO and D-IEO projects safer for their community. With high fraudulent activities in ICO platforms, SAFEDEFI provides solutions that offer safer options than the traditional method to ICO investing.

Track Everything

Stay in close contact with the developers and team of each new project hosted on SafeDefi platform. You will have the ability to keep track of and rate the progression of a project as it takes shape. SafeDefi will also verify the identity of any team attempting to host a new project on our platform.

Is Your Project SAFE?

Then go through our scrutinizing process to get listed on our platform and raise fund for your project.


  • Q1-2021


    *Airdrop Campaign *Promotion/Marketing *Website Redesign *Optimizing LIVE Data Feed Q2-2021

  • Q2-2021


    *Organizing Scheduled Innovative Airdrop Contest for SafeDeFi Community. *Coingecko/Coinmarketcap Listing. *Multiple Exchange Listings. *Unique Meetups Programme For $SFD Holders. *Partnerships with Innovative Projects.

  • Q3-2021


    *Beta release and testing of platform. *Initial (Alpha) Platform Release – release Developer UI Section, Freelancer UI and Initial User UI section. *Partners integration, KYC integration, Release Screens of the App. Introduction of monthly video updates.

  • Q4-2021


    *Android and iOS Release. *Integration of SafeSwap Marketplace. *Integration of SafeChat Product and many more features to make SafeDeFi the most widely used platform.

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